PWNY & Leica Partner for 2014 European Tour!


We’re excited to announce that Leica Store Firenze has joined as a generous sponsor of the 2014 European Tour of workshops! This sponsorship provides students of our six workshops in Italy, Paris, Berlin and Warsaw with the opportunity to experience the legendary Leica M and the new Leica Monochrome!

Developed in 1913 as the first portable camera to utilize the 35mm film format, Leica has a long history as one of the most powerful tools of reportage and travel landscape photography. Most renowned for its use in street photography by masters of photographic history like Henri Cartier-Bresson, this camera has been an essential part of the legacy of photography as art, as well as its legacy in activism.

Leica Store Firenze is generously providing the Leica M (digital rangefinder) and the new Leica Monochrome (digital rangefinder)- which is designed exclusively for black and white- so that our students have the change to experience the camera that had a profound impact on the photographic medium, in all of its many forms.