#PWNY2018 – DAY 9 & 10

August 9 and 10, 2018

Lat two days of the workshop “The Documentary Project” with Matt Eich!

August 9 was entirely devoted to shooting while August 10 was full of surprises!

The day began with a quick editing of the last pictures shot by the ws students and we also had the chance of meeting Morrigan McCarthy, national picture editor at New York Times!

Then, things got a bit hectic… We enjoyed a final slideshow with some of the best pictures from each student, an impressive work which perfectly depicts the community of Red Hook. And then… shenanigans! We printed two pictures per student and – thanks to Pioneer Books collaboration – we pasted these photos on the wall on Pioneer Street. A “happening” that lasted 40 minutes and was, with no doubt, one of the funniest moments ever!

To better have a look at what we concocted, here’s some pictures by Francesca Tirpak and PWNY staff.

We wish to thank the community of Red Hook, the workshop students and the wonderful Matt Eich for this amazing experience; such a great neighbourhood, a great group of photographers, a great teacher! We already miss you so much. And thank you Laura and Fran froM De Construkt, you’ve been amazing! A two-day break and then we will be back with Elinor Carucci‘s workshop “Finding Intimacy”.