Student Feature: Giuseppe Olivieri

We’re proud to feature the work of Giuseppe Olivieri, a student of Carolyn Drake & Andres Gonzalez’s workshop The Open City, from the PWNY//2014 Summer Series. Giuseppe is currently based in Bari, Italy, where he pursued a BA in Engineering Management from Politecnico di Bari. During a class with Michael Cera, entitled Photography of Architecture, Giuseppe created his first body of work, ERP. Following the inspiration of this course, he participated in several workshops, developing bodies of work like Tirana Fields and Southern Photographs.

The Open City was a 7 day workshop, where students developed a project through daily shooting, group critiques and editing sessions. During this short period, Giuseppe was able to make his humanistic project Something Given. This series was created as Giuseppe approached strangers to request that they stand for a portrait and offer some written statement about themselves. Presented with the written text displayed before the portraits, viewers are given the opportunity to imagine what type of personality would accompany each statements– some simple and playful, others profound.

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