#PWNY2018 – Day 5 & 6

August 5, 2018

We’re right in the middle of the workshop! Things are taking shape and we spent the morning reviewing yesterday’s pictures, trying to find threads and topics to focus on. We benefitted from one-to-one sessions with Matt, who’s been tirelessy giving pieces of advice to us all.

Finally we met our second guest of the workshop: the photographer Alan Chin from Red Hook Editions! Alan moved to Red Hook in 2002 and he told us the most recent history of this fascinating quarter, from being “America’s worst neighbourhood” to one of the coolest places of NYC. The community here is still very strong and protective, and the area is not wholly overcrowded because most of the buildings are only two or three storey high, and you cannot simply fit in too many people!

We then moved to Alan’s war pictures and when asked what drew him to this topic he answered: “I think it is connected with my family; I have been lucky, I went to good schools, I’m privileged. And I think that in my work I want to connect with others who have been less fortunate than me, I want to understand what my family experienced”. Inspiring.


August 6, 2018

Intense day here at De Construkt! We began by reviewing the pictures shot so far, and getting some useful tips from Matt, who then showed us some of his works based on assignments and… assignments that did not actually go as planned! We browsed through some great NYC-based photographers – such as Jeff Mermelstein ad Noel Camardo – and we faced some technical issues such as how to store photos, business tips one should better keep in mind etc…

The morning ended with a special guest, Zara Katz, photo editor! Together we analyzed what it means to be a photo editor today; what hooks a p. editor today? Personal projects and long-term relationships. We also had the pleasure of discovering some of her projects, such as @everydayincarceration.

We’re getting closer to the end our our experience, tomorrow is a day-off dedicated to shooting, let’s see what will come up!