Day 2 and 3 of our “New York Street” photography workshop with the amazing Joseph Michael Lopez have been intense and exciting!

We started the morning with some more individual portfolio reviews and then we went straight into the first shots that our students took in the streets! Looking at the first images shot in New York is always thrilling and the reactions of the students to each other’s work are moving.

We discussed technique issues, like the importance of avoiding the mechanics of our cameras and lenses to do the work for us (“I don’t wanna see the lens doing the work, I want to see you” – Joseph pointed out), the importance of making sense of everything in the frame and of being able to “dance” around the subjects. We looked at work from amazing artists – like Lise Sarfati when we talked about taking portraits – and the students got to watch a short “show and tell” video of Cartier Bresson: such an inspiring piece for everybody.

On day 2 Joseph gave an assignment to everyone: to shoot the portrait of a stranger. On day 3 we reviewed the results and it’s been amazing to witness how much effort everybody has put in going out of their comfort zone and engage with strangers in the street.

As the week reaches its middle way, we cannot wait to see our everybody’s skills will develop and we look forward to build a collective sideshow of their work!

When you photograph you have to be yourself and you have to forget yourself

Keep your mind open and aware. Keep on, on, on….

Henri Cartier Bresson