On September 7th, day 1 of Joseph Michael Lopez’s workshop in Brooklyn, NYC, part of the 6th edition of Photo Workshop New York, started as usual with coffee for everybody, some energy to wake us up in this festive day in America, Labor Day.

We are very glad to have an amazing venue this here, the beautiful space of Union Docs, in Williamsburg!

As our morning was starting we immediately realized that we had an amazing and diverse group of people in the class, coming form all over Italy, from USA and Mexico. Since the beginning of the morning, we felt an amazing atmosphere, like when you feel the excitement of the people in the room and you can see the watery eyes of students when it’s their time to stand up and talk to present themselves.

Everybody shared with the group their goals for the week: a beautiful series of personal experiences, motivations and ideas. Many of the participants highlighted their need of understanding what “working on a project” means. Some felt to express their need to find themselves in the pictures, to get more emotion in them. Being able to establish a strong human relationship with the subjects has been also discussed.

Live, explore, photograph” has been a sort of motto throughout the all day.

After sharing a big lunch all together, we reviewed portfolio and established the “assignments” for the day: everybody will come tomorrow morning with the first set of images shot in NYC. For some students it’s the first time in the city, such a magical and amazing moment for them to wonder around and see what inspires them.

We ended up the first day with a fundamental quote from Bruce Gilden, taken from “The photographer’s Playboook”:

Photograph who you are“.

We can’t wait to see what will happen tomorrow and to review the very first pictures of our students!