EUROPEAN TOUR (BERLIN): Finding Visual Poetry, Day 1

We’ve arrived in Berlin and finished our first workshop here with renowned German photographer Jessica Backhaus, a two-day intensive class on editing. This is our 4th workshop in our European Tour, including a workshop in Naples, Catania, Paris, Berlin and Warsaw with renowned photographers Stefano De Luigi, Jessica Backhaus, Michael Ackerman, Adam Panczuk and program directors Kate Fowler & Laura De Marco. Our final two workshops are an editing workshop at the Cartel Collective Gallery in Berlin with Michael Ackerman and a 5-day project workshop at a loft in Warsaw with Adam Panczuk! There’s still space in both and time to sign up!

Finding Visual Poetry began at the Cartel Collective Gallery with croissants, tea and warm greetings. The Cartel Collective Gallery is a beautiful space in Berliner Allee that is a photography gallery, event space and host to a photography collective, organized by photographer Kien Hoang Le. After introductions, Jessica began the workshop with an in depth presentation of her work, how each of her projects started, her mentors and the process of making each of her books. It was an inspiring tour of her creative process and an incredibly informative guide on publishing and selling photography.

After an intense morning of becoming deeply acquainted with Jessica’s incredible work, we all traveled together to a Vietnamese marketplace, located in repurposed warehouses, for lunch! After a nice long meal together, we all returned to spend the rest of the day looking at the portfolios of each of the students. We had a wonderfully diverse group of photographers participating in the class, and saw works that ranged from beautifully ephemeral polaroids to abstractions, street photography, and a personal long-form project on family, impermanence and mortality. Some students brought prints, while others brought mock-ups of books, or digital images. We finished the first day with an amusing presentation by one of our students, Anika, as she narrated each of her street photographs with a funny account of her encounter with each occasion photographed.

It’s been truly humbling to work with a photographer as warm and sincere as Jessica, whose work has created its own genre and role within contemporary German photography.

All images taken with an incredible Leica M, thanks to a generous sponsorship from Leica Store Firenze!

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