EUROPEAN TOUR (NAPOLI): The Art of Editing, Day 3 (Final Day!)

We’ve returned to Bologna, Italy and have finally had a moment to sit down and reflect on our incredible experience in Napoli. This evening we’ll leave for Paris to begin The Expanded Image with Stefano De Luigi!

We’re excited to share the third day of the PWNY European Tour; a series of workshops that will take us to Naples, Catania, Paris, Berlin and Warsaw with photographers Stefano De LuigiJessica Backhaus, Michael AckermanAdam Panczuk and program directors Kate Fowler & Laura De Marco.

Day 3 of The Art of Editinga workshop taught by Kate Fowler & Laura De Marco in Naples, Italy, was hectic and wonderful. We met at 10 am in Luciano’s incredible studio and immediately began looking at portfolios and the assignments that we had given each student. Our class was wonderfully diverse and we were thrilled to see how many different approaches they were taking to photography. We looked at reportage from Vietnam, a documentary project on the last man in a small Italian town, deeply abstracted and beautiful images, a project about a small experimental music collective in Napoli, a deeply personal series of polaroids and alternative process images about a time of transition and a mock-up of a book that was rich with symbology.

We spent a large portion of the day coming up with different strategies for editing and expanding each project, as each student was in an incredibly different part of their process than the others. One student, Raffaella, brought in a huge pile of images taken during her time in Vietnam. In order to edit down this massive collection of photographs, we had everyone sign their initials on the back of what they felt were the strongest images. Afterwards, we separated the pictures into piles corresponding with the number of signatures they received. Eventually, we narrowed down the project to a series of 10 strong photos that told a powerful and cohesive story.

After lunch, we gathered and did interviews for our final video which was to be shown during the slideshow party that evening at Tribunali 138! The day ended late with portfolio reviews running until the last minute; Laura and I locked ourselves in the main studio room and spent the next hour editing the final student video– which showed the intense process that each of the students had just gone through over the past three days. Finally, we emerged to find a huge crowd of people ready to celebrate the hard work of our class. The party was a wonderful success and we’re incredibly grateful to both Luciano Ferrara (Tribunali 138) and Mustilli Winery for providing wine to all of our guests!

We finished the night with baba’ from a local pasticceria and lounging on the hammock with delcious Mustilli wine. Such a wonderful experience!

The next morning we were up bright and early to meet our wonderful students (and friends) Raffaella and Maria Clara for a trip to the seaside! We swam in the sea under the ruins of a castle and stood on a submerged Roman wall, sunbathed on volcanic rocks and sat in awe at the silhouette of Mt. Vesuvius in the distance. Roberta met us later in the morning with a picnic lunch and we all sat together on the beach and enjoyed our last moments in Napoli.

This was an incredible adventure for us and we learned an incredible amount from our wonderful students and the intensity and vibrance of this old city. We’re deeply indebted to the wonderful Roberta Fuorvia for her assistance in coordinating the workshops, Luciano Ferrara for opening his studio to us and sharing his passion and talent for photographer, Arthur Muselli for his translation skills and warm heart. We’re also grateful to all 10 of our incredible students. Thank you all and we hope to return to Napoli again next year!

All photographs taken with the beautiful Leica M, thanks to a generous sponsorship from Leica Store Firenze!