Featured Student: Louisa Stickelbruck

Student Feature: Louisa Stickenbruck

 We’re proud to feature the work of Louisa Stickelbruck, a student of Erica McDonald’s workshop, The Other Story, and scholarship recipient for the PWNY 2014 Summer Series. Louisa is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany where she is currently attending the Berlin University of the Arts in pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her work shows a strong attention to graphic compositions and multi-media processes, paired with the serendipity of analog film cameras.

 The Other Story was a 7-day workshop that combined mindfulness, yoga and meditation with photographic practice. Within this framework, students spent time engaging in thought-provoking exercises surrounding photography, editing and theory, while learning yoga and shooting a short-term project. Each day, students were asked to keep a journal about the image-making process, which they updated as they worked, struggled and triumphed in their pursuits.

 We’re so excited to share the project that Louisa created in The Other Story, This may be a seed. Louisa spent 7 days meditating on a theme and traveling throughout the boroughs of New York City to create a nuanced and beautifully introspective piece. Along the way, she met a musician and collaborated on the final sound element for the project—which included a recording of her reading from Ranier Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet. This layered work is one that really transcends the photographic act as a rendering of reality and confronts the deep subjectivity and personal poetry inherent to the craft.

 Keep an eye on Louisa as she continues to push her practice in the university.

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