Student Feature: Husbandry, by Kevin Gallagher

Student Feature: Husbandry, by Kevin Gallagher

We’re proud to feature the work of Kevin Gallagher, a student of Carolyn Drake & Andres Gonzalez’s workshop The Open City, from the PWNY/2014 summer series. Kevin is currently based in Richmond, Virginia, where he received his BFA in filmmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is an independent freelancer within the film industry, and is currently working on a long-form documentary project entitled The North Woods. The North Woods is an exploration of the balance between public and private space in rural Northern Maine. It focuses on the hopes and efforts of a small town trying to maintain its way of life in the rapidly failing timber economy.

The Open City was a 7-day workshop where students developed a project through daily shooting, group critiques and editing sessions. During this short period, Kevin was able to create a deeply contemplative project Husbandry. This essay is a meditation on the ephemeral meeting ground between industrialization and nature. In these spaces, Kevin encountered the pigeon shepherds of Bushwick, fisherman in the polluted waters of Maspeth and discovered some beautiful instances of the perseverance of nature throughout Brooklyn. 

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