PWNY 2013: “A-Z of photography” Day 6 & 7: July 20th & 21st!

Day 6 was the last day of editing for Donald Weber’s class and we all worked very hard – having again an almost fourteen-hour day of critique! – to prepare the slideshow for the final public presentation!

The day began early with our final editing session and plenty of new and exciting prints to add to the completed edit. It was incredible to see everyone’s final pictures and to look back over their growth during the last 6 days.

Great music choices have been made, videos has been mounted (thanks to Lauren Schneiderman, Kate Fowler and her wonderful husband Robert Scott’s efforts!) and the final slideshow has been put together in time for the 7.30 pm reception.

Photographer Lina Pallotta was our guest of honor for the night and she amazed the public presenting her outstanding work about “Porpora and Valerie”.

After Lina’s introduction the final students’ slideshow has been presented. We are so proud of the work that was shown and heard many great things from guests! Congratulations to all of the students that worked so hard and created some really amazing imagery!

Day 7, July 21st, was our final meeting! Donald gave personal feedback to each student, concerning the goals each one has achieved during the workshop and giving advice for the future of everyone’s projects.

Following pictures will talk better then thousands words to express the great atmosphere and powerful energy we have created all together during this amazing PWNY 2013 workshop

Please stay tuned for the presentation of next year workshops on!

All photos in the galleries by Kate Fowler, Lauren Schneiderman and Laura De Marco.