PWNY 2013:”The Documentary Journey” Day 6 and 7!

montage by Erica McDonald

montage by Erica McDonald

Day 6 was the last day of the workshop and the Final Slideshow Reception, which means that we had a fourteen-hour day of critique, editing and preparation! The day began early with our final workshopping session and plenty of new and exciting images to add to the completed edit. It was incredible to see everyone’s final pictures and to look back over their growth these last 6 days.

After the final workshop, students were given the opportunity to stay while Erica, Maggie and Laura created the slideshow edit. While it can be great for students to see how editors consider imagery, flow and continuity, it can also be tough to watch as some of your favorite photographs are sent to the chopping block. Regardless, almost all of the students made the brave choice to witness the process. Once that was done, it was time to prepare the gallery for the party and piece together the final projects with music, collected audio and titles. Everything was finally completed right as the first people started to show up for the celebration! Robin Schwartz gave a wonderful presentation of her work to a packed gallery, with her daughter and husband in attendance.

After a short break, the final slideshow was presented. We are so proud of the work that was shown and heard many great things from guests! Congratulations to all of the students that worked so hard and created some really amazing imagery!

Day 7 was our final meeting! Erica and Maggie gave personal feedback to each student and advice for the future of their projects, verbally and with beautiful postcards. The class watched a powerful short documentary by Tim Hetherington and discussed the impact of bearing witness, the distancing effect of the camera that enables you to document dangerous events and the sacrifices one must make to be an artist. There were a lot of tears shed today, from exhaustion, pride and a sense of community, and we are so proud to have had the opportunity to work with such a sincere, dedicated group of photographers!

Please stay tuned for our next workshop with Donald Weber…

All photos in the gallery by Kate Fowler, Lauren Schneiderman and Laura De Marco.

Final video by Teodora Altomare.
©Teodora Altomare and Spazio Labo’ | Centro di fotografia.