PWNY 2013:”The Documentary Journey”, Day 5: July 5th

Today’s meeting was short and highly productive, in an effort to give the students plenty of time to complete their projects before tomorrow’s reception! Things are beginning to finalize, including decisions on sound and video components, and we suspect that many people (including us!) will be working late into the night to get everything ready!

It was nice to see that Fourth of July celebrations and imagery make their way into several of the new photographs, with many of the students making them function within the framework of their projects. This class has really displayed their ability to adapt to changing circumstances, particularly with several rainstorms, 90 degree weather and a pair of teachers that aren’t shy to communicate their opinions! We’re incredibly proud of their hard work and motivation!

We’ll keep this blog post brief to save all of the surprises for tomorrow!

Don’t forget to come to our Final Slideshow Reception at VII Gallery in Dumbo, Brooklyn at 7:30 p.m. You won’t be disappointed!

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All photos in the gallery by Abby Kraftowitz and Lauren Schneiderman.